1. Personal Consultation:

When a specific question needs an urgent decision in less than five sessions. There is no assessment phase or psychotherapy.

We only focus on the answer to the specific question.

Example: Parents divorcing, would like to know, how to tell it to their children, and how children would react?

  1. Focal Therapy:

A specific, but vital question is focused on. The goal is to find the client’s personal emotional answer to his/her vital question. Emotions are often changing, ambivalent, sometimes contradictory, often burdened by guilt feelings. Often, it is hard to find the right solution, decision in a personal matter. Session frequency is mostly one or two sessions per week, depending on the urgency of the situation.

Example: Important decisions, in family and professional matters.

  1. Psychotherapy

Developing self-awareness, in the best way to see more of ourselves our relations, our problems. The knowledge and understanding of our personality enables us to make changes in life, relationships in order to live a more content and happy life. The length of the therapy depends on the personal goal, internal and external possibilities.

Psychoanalysis: Profound personal changes are possible with Psychoanalysis. It is very similar to Psychotherapy, but more intense and also deeper. Sessions are more frequent that is weekly two-or more, with dream analysis, with the awareness of the unconscious of the feelings and hidden wishes of client become, more and more visible. The more we understand of the client and his/her feelings, the easier it gets to make the right changes. The process is ranging from a few months to years.