What happens when You see a Psychotherapist in Adult Therapy?

Assessment phase:

After about three to four consultations, the client’s problem, family background, current situation, the personal attitude of the client is assessed in order, how, the client could be best helped.

In case of mutual consent, we conclude the assessment phase, with a verbal contract, about the therapeutic goal, the frequency of sessions, and the rules of working together.

Therapeutic Phase:

Talking about Yourself, me mirroring You, giving You feedback, seeing Your problem from a different angle, outlines for You more of Yourself. Getting to know Yourself better, helps You to see, how You behave, handle, situations. The growing self-awareness, helps You to see, what You want to have changed in Your relationships or environment. Depending on the therapeutic goal, the process lasts for months or years.

Every psychologist, a psychotherapist is bound to secrecy concerning the personal data of the Client and the therapeutic material.

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